Look for over 50 Clans and Scottish groups to be represented in the Clan Village at the 55th Phoenix Scottish Games. Join them on the North Field all throughout the weekend.

 At the Clan booths you can experience the history and culture of some of Scotland’s prominent Clans. Visit with fellow clansmen and clanswomen, view their displays, explore your heritage.Additional booths feature representatives from Scottish culture groups and from other Arizona associations of Scots.

Stop first at the Clan Village Information booth where the Daughters of Scotia representatives can provide directions and answer any questions. Make sure to visit our Photo Booth where you can dress in Scottish attire for free photos – and take your own pictures too

 And be sure to attend the Opening Ceremony on the main field at noon on Saturday, to see all the Clans proudly parade their tartans, banners and symbols. Fall in when you see YOUR Clan!

Clan Registration

Clans which have attended the Phoenix Scottish Games over the years:

Clans coming to 2019 Games
* Chief McBain of McBain
* Clan Anderson
* Clan Bell 
* Clan Blair 
* Clan Brodie 
* Clan Buchanan 
House of Burnett 
* Clan Cameron 
* Clan Campbell 
* Clan Carnegie 
* Clan Colquhoun 
* Clan Currie 
* Clan Davidson 
* Clan Donald 
* Clan Donnachaidh
Clan Douglas 
Clan Elliott 
Clan Fergusson 
* Clan Forsyth 
* Clan Fraser 
* House of Gordon 
* Clan Graham 
* Clan Grant 
* Clan Gregor 
* Clan Gunn 
* Clan Hall 
* Clan Hamilton 
* Clan Hay 
* Clan Hope of Craighall 
* Clan Hunter 
* Clan Johnston/e 
* Clan Keith 
* Clan Kincaid
* Clan Lockhart
* Clan MacAlister 
* Clan McBain
* Clan MacCallum-Malcolm
* Clan MacDuff 
             The Phoenix Scottish Games is a Rain or Shine Event

To add or change the link to your Clan, please contact our Clans Chairman